Lisa, Mike, Jay, and Andrew hit Hollyweird
Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, and with the help of an Air Canada seat sale, four canucks hit tinsel town. The story goes, after about 8 beers one summer evening, someone pointed out how cheap it was to LA and thought maybe we should go visit Jim in LA. Next day we were booked on the flight and we sat trying to figure out who's bright idea this was. We had a super time and Jimmy played the perfect host as always. Highlights included getting lost in La Brea and trying to find cigarettes at Universal Studios. Here are some of the pictures from the trip.

HI Comment: Here's Jay and Andrew at Universal Studios. You have to remember that there is a no smoking law in California and Jay hasn't had a cigarette in hours.
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51.JPG Comment: Lacking originality, I suggested we go up to the Santa Ynez valley and do a tour of the wine region. To better understand these photos you have to remember that this is sunday and Jay and Mike started drinking on Thursday.
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52.JPG Comment: This is one of those pictures you need to take to prove to people you didn't just spend the weekend at the Ceeps.
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54.JPG Comment: Santa Monica beach overlooking the PCH. This is where the Pacfic Coast Highway starts, or ends, and supposedly where bay watch is filmed.
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57.JPG Comment: All of us in Santa Monica
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